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Welcome to Romance Scam! Examining Social Scams

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Welcome to Romance Scam might sound like a new virus, but it is the opening line on the landing page for The website is designed to help people who have been defrauded or who think that their friends or relatives might have been contacted by a scammer. It started as an adjunct to datingNmore, which wanted to discourage scamming on their site, but grew to more. The Nigerian Prince Scam Back in the early days of email and all things Internet, it was not unusual to get an email that said something like, “I am a member of the royal family. Must flee country but can’t get money without US bank account. I send you money if you help.” The email was always long, in broken English, and was often ungrammatical. The goal, of course, was to get the reader to share their bank information. Often, the “Nigerian Prince” had been nowhere near Nigeria and certainly was not royalty. The Dating/Romance Scam These often begin with flattering words over an online chat and progress quickly to declarations of love. The declarations are then followed… Read More

What You Should Know About Credit Card Skimming

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Credit card skimming is alive and well in the United States, and much of it begins in Florida. Credit card skimmers and fraudsters often plan their actions and may then move to areas of lesser population that often have lower crime rates and in which law enforcement is less alert to their activities. Gas Pump Skimmers We all enjoy the convenience of using the pay-at-the-pump system, but it could be one of the places where criminals are able to gather information about your debit or credit card. Those who know how can purchase the component parts for a skimmer at any computer parts store. The constructed parts can be quickly installed in a pump, then activated, sending information about those who purchase gas back to the installer. Floridians, especially those in high-crime areas, are alert to such activity. Stories of credit card skimming can be frequently heard on the local news. They take steps to protect their data, which can include: using cash to buy gas, entering the gas station to pay at the counter, or even using a prepaid card that will be used… Read More