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Forensics and Elections

Forensics and Elections Forensics in the form of investigative technology seems to be moving to the forefront of the news and national attention. One of the big questions that has come up has been about the legality of the electoral college, and whether the electoral college is a right and proper way to select a president for the United States of America, another is about how to detect and prevent actual voting fraud.   The first problem with the electoral college arose in 1800 when Thomas Jefferson tied with Aaron Burr for votes in the electoral college. After some fancy footing on the part of Congress, it was decided that Jefferson would be president and Aaron Burr Vice President. To avoid future problems, a new rule that candidates had to be designated president or vice president as candidates when running. This was followed up by a very odd compromise that put John Quincy Adams in office and was then followed up by the election of Andrew Jackson. Perhaps one of the most notable electoral college problems arose in 2000 when there was a call for… Read More