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An Overview of Levels of Proof often Utilized in the Florida Criminal Process

In order to successfully convict an individual of a crime, the prosecuting attorney of a case must be able to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the accused is indeed guilty. Now, most people aren’t fully aware of the importance of this statement and what sets it apart from other types of evidence that are used in criminal procedures. In Florida, before members of the jury start their deliberations, they are given the Florida Supreme Court Standard Jury Instructions to study, in which all the various types of proof required in a criminal case are detailed. Below we’ll give you a summary of these “levels of proof”, but if you have a case coming up, then you should also contact a qualified criminal defense lawyer who’s familiar with Florida law to help you understand how these specifically apply to your case. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt This is the burden of proof which a prosecutor must present in order to meet this standard. Below are just a few standout points from the Florida jury instructions on what “beyond the reasonable doubt” really means:  If the jury… Read More