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Baby Boxes, Neglected Babies, Baby June

In June 2018 a baby girl was spotted floating in the ocean. She was somewhere between four days and one week old, and she had been in the ocean possibly as long as eighteen hours. The reconstructed picture, no photographs were circulated, showed a beautiful little girl sleeping peacefully on a cushion. For want of any other name, investigators are calling her Baby June. Everything about her is a mystery. Who she is, where she came from, whether she was already dead when she went into the water, and even her racial background is in question. Her autopsy showed pinpricks in her heals, suggesting that she had been born in a hospital. It remains unsolved. Was it murder? Human Infants are Fragile Human babies are born with a narrow range of abilities. They can sneeze, they have a startle reflex, and if nourishment is presented within reach of their mouths, they will suck on it. Future humans require care to survive. It would be nice to think that Baby June is an isolated case of infant death, but nothing could be farther from the truth.… Read More

The Body Farm: Forensic Investigative Studies in Real Time

Just north of Tampa, there is a five-acre field that is locked up tight behind a sturdy chain link fence. It looks just like any green field, but inside are real-time science experiments that could help medical examiners all across the state of Florida. A Field of Cadavers Inside this field are bodies that are busy doing a very simple thing: they are decaying. Their rate of decay and the way they interact with the ground around them is being carefully recorded. That might sound just a little bit cold-blooded, but the reality is that these bodies are doing a great service. They could very well help solve mysteries or even cold cases that have been hanging around for years. Donations to Science The bodies come from the University of South Florida, where they have been donated. They provide a vital investigative and training link by allowing students and authorities to observe exactly what might happen to a body in Florida’s hot, humid climate. By examining the rate of decay and how the bodies behave in this environment, it might be possible to answer questions… Read More