Oklahoma Senator Proposes New Law Banning DUI Offenders from Purchasing Alcohol

DUI – “Alcohol Restricted”?

Senator Patrick Anderson of Oklahoma, has recently introduced a new bill allowing courts to ban those individuals who have been convicted of DUI from purchasing any form of alcohol for a certain amount of time. If this law is passed, those caught and convicted of DUI will have to carry a special license, which indicates that they are restricted from alcohol.Also included in the bill is a provision for those who purchase alcohol for someone deemed “alcohol restricted”, making it a felony to do so. “..knowingly sell, deliver or furnish alcoholic befort lauderdale dui attorney | Proposed Alcohol Purchase banverages to a person who has been order to abstain” could face a fine of up to $1,000 or one year in prison.  This bill comes a few months after Oklahoma passed another, which is aimed at targeting those involved in DUIs; it is now much easier for the government to confiscate a vehicle when an individual is charged with driving under the influence.

Police Discretion & DUI

Driving under the influence is a criminal act of operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or drugs. DUI and DWI are both abbreviations commonly used. A DUI arrest is within total discretion of the police officer. If an individual is “believed” to be driving while impaired, the officer most likely will arrest them. Many people find these types of arrests very frustrating for this reason. Roadside sobriety tests, which many times cannot be performed by someone who is completely sober, are administered and use as a basis to determine whether the crime has been committed.


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