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Four men have recently been charged by the Florida attorney general’s office with accusations stemming from an investigation looking into illegal sports betting. Racketeering, and illegal bookmaking are said to be involved; Assistant Statewide Prosecutor Jessica M. Dobbins calling it an “extensive case”.

white collar crimes attorneyThe illegal enterprise is said to have managed millions of dollars in illegal betting from sporting events; illegal wagering was placed in person and in some cases with the help of the internet. Details of the investigation were sealed from the public.

Erik Bishop, currently living in Parkland, has been charged with racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, numerous charges of bookmaking, bookmaking conspiracy, and the use of a two-way communications device to help facilitate a felony. Michael Dangelo, a resident of Pompano Beach, has been charged with the same crimes as Bishop, with an additional charge of money laundering. Darren Klein, who currently resides in Coral Springs, has been charged with racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, bookmaking conspiracy, money laundering, and the conspiracy to commit money laundering, and the use of a two-way communications device to assist in the facilitation of a felony offense. Darren Klein’s father and a resident of Margate, Allen Klein, has been charged with 22 criminal offenses, consisting of: racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, money laundering, conspiracy to commit money laundering with the use of a two-way communications device to aid in the facilitation of a felony, bookmaking conspiracy, and 16 counts of bookmaking. Bonds have been set ranging from $95,000 to $700,000.

What is Money Laundering?

Defined by Florida law as a financial transaction use to conceal, disguise, hide, or process money and proceeds from illicit activities. In this case, the illicit activities consist of the illegal gambling, and the efforts that were made to arrange such wagers.

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The majority of these charges listed above are serious offenses, and carry stiff penalties. Many of these men may be facing lengthy prison sentences. If you have been charged or believe you may be charged with a white collar crime related offense, you need an experienced federal criminal attorney on your side. Kenneth Padowitz provides a strategic criminal defense to those accused of State and Federal crimes. White collar crimes often involve large sums of money and complex schemes; retaining a trial lawyer who has experience in handling these kinds of cases is imperative. Contact Kenneth Padowitz, P.A. for a free consultation.


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