Sponsored Legislation By The Foundation For Advancing Alcohol Responsibility

The Foundation For Advancing Alcohol Responsibility is an organization that seeks to eliminate drunk driving in America. It is involved in research and policy development regarding underage drinking, teen driver safety and healthy lifestyles. In addition, they hold community events to campaign against driving while under the influence of alcohol. The Foundation also participates in legislation processes and has done so in more than 45 states and even at the federal level. In this regard, the Foundation lists some of the pending legislation regarding driving while under the influence.

pending DUI Legislation | Kenneth Padowitz, P.A.Pending legislation under the title “Ignition Interlock Devices for Repeat DUI Offenders” seeks to establish a statutory scheme for the issuance of a restricted driver’s license. The scheme would also enable one to get reissued with a driver’s license. It would require such a person to install an ignition interlock device on all the motor vehicles that they own or operate for a stated period of time. The manufacturers of these devices would be issued with specified requirements. Court fees for alcohol and drug assessment programs would also be required. This legislation is currently at the Senate Public Safety Committee.

There is also pending legislation concerning a driver’s right to challenge the legality of initial contact by law enforcement officers in a proceeding for revocation of their driving license. The legislation is titled, “Illegal Traffic Stops License Revocation Hearings “. It is currently at the House Judiciary Committee.

Additionally, there is legislation that seeks to increase the penalty for manslaughter with a motor vehicle, which is when the driver of the vehicle causes the death of another person while under the influence of alcohol. This will also be the case if the operator has any trace of a controlled substance in his or her system or was typing, reading or sending a text message. It is titled, “Motor Vehicle ” and is currently at the Joint Committee on Judiciary.

The penalty for driving while under the influence when a child is a passenger or when serious injury of a child or death results, will be increased if such legislation is passed. This will serve to protect children from individuals who partake in drunk driving. This legislation is under the title “Motor Vehicle Penalties” and is currently at the Joint Committee on Judiciary.

A bill that permits seizure and forfeiture of a motor vehicle used to commit the offense of driving while under the influence of alcohol is also pending. This legislation would allow the remission of proceeds to the municipality where the offense was committed. It is titled, “Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence” and is at the Joint Committee on Judiciary.

Suspension or revocation of pistol permits of pistol holders charged with drunken driving will also take effect if other legislation, currently at the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Security, is passed. The intentions of lawmakers is to increase public safety; this bill is under the title, “Suspension or Revocation of Pistol Permits”. This is not an exhaustive list as there is more pending legislation regarding DUI.

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