Embezzlement On Hollywood Insurance Company, Two Nabbed

Two women from a Hollywood insurance company were arrested for stealing more than $24,578. Giovanna Corina Rodriguez, 31 years old from Hollywood and Nadelie Haston, 41 years old from Pembroke Pines were accused of stealing money that was meant for A AAACE Underwriters Inc. and were arrested last Wednesday.

The police said that the two were accepting cash premium payments from customers. They also found out that they have been doing it since May 2014. The police also added that these two women, after receiving the payments, gained access into the insurance company’s computer system. After acquiring access, they falsified the information in the accused embezzlement | broward criminal lawyer | Kenneth Padowitz, P.A.database and indicated that the payments had been received by the insurance company while pocketing some of the money. However, the deposit amounts fell short compared to the recorded amounts, the detectives said.

To prove whether they were guilty or innocent, an investigation had been conducted. The police asked several customers of the A AAACE Underwriters Inc. Insurance Company who made payment to the two women accused as a part of the investigation. According to some of the customers, they gave payment to Rodriguez which summed up to $7,095. There were other customers who said that they made payments to Haston and took with her the money amounting to $15,839. Meanwhile, another customer said that he paid a total amount of $1,644 but could not remember whether it was Rodriguez or Haston who took the money.

Ralph Francis, the owner of A AAACE Underwriters Inc., told the press that he believes the two women have embezzled a lot more than the amount of $24,578. He said that an amount of more than $80,000 is missing in his company’s coffers. “The investigation is ongoing and as [police] uncover more and more, that total is going closer and closer to the bigger number than the smaller one.”, Francis added. The two women’s employment had already been terminated from the insurance company since last March, the investigators said.

When the detectives had contacted Rodriguez and Haston, they both declined to comment on the matter. According to the arrest reports, their attorneys told the police that both were innocent and they were just caught up in a larger scheme.

In another released report, Company Owner Ralph Francis stated and told the police that the two alleged women had confessed to him when he asked them about the missing money. After that, the two started writing checks to reimburse what the company had lost and gave it to the company owner.

After receiving the checks, Francis then gave the investigators the copies of the company’s deposit records, bank statements and the checks that were given to him by the two accused women. Rodriguez wrote checks amounting to $2,000 while Haston’s check amounted to $1,400.

The two accused women, Giovanna Corina Rodriguez and Nadelie Haston were both detained at the Broward County Jail located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Last Thursday, Rodriguez was released on bond while Haston remained in detention pending payment of a $15,000 bond on Friday.

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