DWI: How It Affects Job Search

A criminal record is a huge stain on your profile in the U.S, as it affects your future job prospects. Thankfully, more employers are taking a more lenient approach towards applicants with a DWI on their record. This is in addition to the encouraging fact that you may be able to dismiss a DWI from your record.

Changing Times

Once upon a time, only one in six hiring managers gave an employment letter to an applicant with a criminal record. Today, that stat is much better at one in two. The more liberal stance of employers cuts across the board. For example, job search with a criminal record DUI | Kenneth Padowitz, P.Awhile poor credit can still be a stigma, employers are not as judgmental as they used to be owing to the recession and scarcity of jobs. Nevertheless, while the trend is a laudable sign of better days ahead, you would want to keep your optimism in check. Baby boomers (older people) are still at the helm of affairs of the larger corporations.

These individuals are a lot more traditional and conservative, and often fall into the class of employers who are particular about a criminal record. The employers driving the change are usually younger managers and startup CEOs. Therefore, if you are still dealing with the consequences of a DWI, such as a probation or suspended license, you should be realistic in your career prospects. Furthermore, while prospecting, it is preferable that you are the first to bring up your DWI. In addition, drown the urge to lie while bringing it up; else, you will be shooting yourself in the foot. In any case, it is advisable that you keep your expectations mild, as your argument to get a chance may likely fall through.

Legal Advice

The fact that traditional job search is harder for an individual with a criminal record does not justify unfair dealing or targeting by an employer. Thus, it is important that you note regulations enacted to protect you and offer you a fair shot at being gainfully employed. You may rightfully embark on proceedings against any employer who contravenes the guidelines set forth by the state you reside in.

Legal Help

Searching for a job in today’s economy is hard enough. Therefore, it is unacceptable for an employer’s unethical conduct to deny you already scarce opportunities because you have a DWI on your record. Your best chance at knowing your rights and responsibilities after a DWI conviction, and knowing what direction is best for you is by consulting with a DWI attorney.